Elections Notice - September 26 - Helpful Facts & Clarifications



Facts and clarifications on the Upcoming Municipal Elections.

  •  The Municipality of West Nipissing has used the Vote by Mail system since 2003.
  •  There are no advance polls or polling stations in a vote by mail election, however, residents may, if they wish, bring their ballot to the Sturgeon Falls Municipal Office to deposit it in the ballot box 
  • The municipality receives its voter information from MPAC which is based on property ownership.  Individuals who rent or board will only be on the list if their landlord has supplied the information to MPAC.  At times, the information provided is incorrect or incomplete and this is why we urge residents to get in touch with us to find out if they are on the list.
  • Corrections and/or additions to the Voter List can be made at the MUNICIPAL OFFICE up until OCTOBER 22nd.
  •  To vote by mail follow the instructions provided in the voting kit.  If you are uncertain, click here to view a step by step video tutorial on how to vote by mail. 
  • To ensure delivery, you MUST put your ballot back in the mail by October 12th. After that date, bring it to the MUNICIPAL OFFICE.
  • If you do not receive a ballot by October 10th, or your ballot is incorrect, you MUST present yourself to the MUNICIPAL OFFICE to amend your information and receive a REPLACEMENT BALLOT.  Changes cannot be made over the phone as staff must confirm voter qualifications.
  •  If you receive a ballot for a person who has moved or is deceased, please write “MOVED” or DECEASED” on the ballot and deposit it back in the mail.  This helps us to update our records.
  •  Canada Post has advised that in the unlikely event of a postal disruption, the strikes will be rotating and have minimal effect on mail delivery.  If in doubt, ballots can be brought to the Municipal office

For more information on the Municipal Elections click here,  or contact us at 705-753-2250


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