Tips for Spring Thaw 2019

March 14, 2019

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry–North Bay District and the Municipality’s Operations team are closely monitoring thawing and water conditions in the area. Mild weather and mixed precipitation will increase the probability of water levels rising and potential flooding. Outdoor enthusiasts and snowmobilers are asked to be cautious around waterways. 

Residents should prepare their homes accordingly

  • clear ice and snow away from your home’s foundation 

  • direct the water to flow away from your home by making trenches and checking your grading

  • clear your gutters and downspouts to allow good water flow to your yard or ditch

  • make sure that your sump pump and pit are in good working condition 

  • be familiar with your backwater valve, it could help prevent sewer backup in the event that local sewer lines get flooded

  • if you have a history of flooding or are worried this year, move any valuables, furniture or electronics away from the problem area


Be mindful of restrictions and unlawful practices

Did you know it is unlawful to direct storm and ground water from your property to the sanitary collection system? Storm water drainage flows must be kept separate from the sanitary system. Regulations in the Municipal By-Law (2000/25) and the Environmental Protection Act are in place to prohibit the improper connection and discharge of storm and ground water to sanitary sewers. Sanitary pump stations and treatment plants work harder and sometimes cannot keep up when flows are too high due to storm and ground water.   Any person who fails to adhere to the regulations may be subject to fines up to $2000.00 per day. 


The Municipality needs your assistance by

  • ensuring that your gutters and drains are not connected to the sanitary sewer

  • ensuring your sump pump and weeping tile are connected to the storm sewer or discharged to the surface at a swale or ditch


Additional information

Ontario’s flooding tips 

Ontario’s flood map for up-to-date conditions and flood warnings 

Municipal By-law 2000/25 regulating discharges to municipal sewers 

Impact of improper discharge to the sanitary sewers from the City of North Bay


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